7 must-do Adventures During your Visit to the Rub’ Al Khali Desert Tour

The Rub’ Al Khali Desert is located in the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula. It is stretched across an area of 650,000 square kilometers. This desert is uninhabitable and a perfect place for a journey away from all the hustle and bustle of your monotonous routine. The height of dunes is just perfect to enjoy thrilling desert safari adventures. So what are planning for? Pack your bags and enjoy the best desert safari adventures here.

Read this article to find about the amazing adventures in The Rub’ Al Khali Desert. Dubai Tour Package offers affordable and reliable desert safari deals to explore adventuresome desert safari sports in the desert.

1# Visit Wadi Dawkah:

This beautiful valley is one of the best picnic spots in Dubai. The dense clusters of frankincense trees spread the amazing smell around the area. This beautiful view soothes your soul and body to take a fresh start. Enjoy a first-hand look at frankincense trees in Wadi Dawkah.

2# Enjoy dune bashing:

The reddish-orange colored dunes in The Rub’ Al Khali Desert are 250 meters (820 ft) high. You can enjoy an exciting off-road drive here in SUV cars. This adrenaline-pumping ride electrifies your soul and revs your nerves. If you do not know how to drive an SUV car, you can hire an operator as well.

3# Hunt for beautiful geodes:

The geological area of The Rub’ Al Khali Desert is well-known for hunting for beautiful geodes. You can find dozens of gorgeous geodes spread out across the desert. These stunning geodes are available in different colors and sizes. You can also take it with you if you fall in love with it.

4# Enjoy camel ride:

A visit to The Rub’ Al Khali Desert is incomplete without enjoying a pleasant camel ride. The camel is known as ‘’the ship of the desert’’. It seems lovely to follow the footsteps of the caravan routes towards the campsites. Do not forget to take marvelous photographs while enjoying the camel ride.

5# Explore the sandboarding paradise in the desert:

The Rub’ Al Khali Desert is known as a paradise for enjoying sandboarding. The panoramic view of endless golden sand seems breathtakingly amazing to slide down through dunes. It seems as if gravity is pulling you downwards. The cotton-soft dunes won’t hurt you.

6# Start ATV quad bike:

ATV quad bike is a must-do adrenaline-pumping adventure in The Rub’ Al Khali Desert. You can hire two-wheeler or three-wheeler quad bikes to explore the desert in your style. The tiny sand grains touching your body spice up the level of an ATV quad bike ride. However, follow the advice of your operator to maintain momentum and speed.

7# Delicious BBQ dinner:

The evening in the Rub’ Al Khali Desert is full of amazing dance performances and delicious dinner. The tourists are served with mouth-watering dinner dripping over spicy sausages beside chilled refreshments. You can find a wide range of continental and intercontinental cuisines according to your taste.

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