7 Best Adventuresome Activities to Enjoy in the Al-Qudra Desert in Dubai

Is Al-Qudra Desert in Dubai is a lovely place to enjoy a wonderful tour? Al-Qudra Desert is one of the most popular camping spots in UAE. This beautiful oasis offers stunning scenery, thrilling desert sports, a dedicated cycle track, incredible wildlife spotting, and a sumptuous dinner. You can visit this place with your friends and family members.

1# Enjoy desert sports:

The Al-Qudra Desert is one of the best spots in Dubai to enjoy desert sports. The dunes are perfect to enjoy rip-roaring dune bashing sessions in 4×4 cars. Likewise, the adventuresome sandboarding and ATV quad bike tours in the Al-Qudra Desert are worthy to mention here. All the visitors love to enjoy the camel ride during a tour.

2# Start camping:

The Al-Qudra Desert is a brilliant place for camping with your friends or family members. No doubt, it is one of the best camping spots in Dubai. Bring some essential items with you to enjoy camping. Try BBQ at the campsite, sing songs, enjoy gossip, and have a cup of coffee in the middle of the desert. Probably, this kind of camping experience refreshes your mind and soul.

3# Spend a romantic evening at the Al-Qudra Love Lake:

If you have not spent romantic moments here, perhaps you have missed the best part. The Al-Qudra Love Lake comprises two love lakes intertwined in heart shape. The fauna on this lake spells ‘’Love’’ that gives you a romantic feel. It is open 24×7 without entry tickets. Get your loved ones here to spend a romantic evening here.

4# Enjoy sunset:

The Al-Qudra Desert is a magical place to escape from hustle and bustle of daily life. You cannot resist admiring the beauty of nature. Have a relaxing good time with your family and friends to explore gorgeous views. The sunset in the Al-Qudra Desert feels like a heavenly beautiful moment. Always bring your camera to capture breathtaking sunset moments.

5# Explore wildlife:

Animals are the most beautiful creatures of God. The Al-Qudra Desert is known for its marvelous beauty and wildlife. Almost 170 species of animals and birds are present here. The tourists especially children love watching gazelles, foxes, rabbits, flamingos, ducks, steppe eagle, and black swans. However, you cannot feed birds or animals here.

6# Go for cycling:

Particularly, cycling is the most adventuresome experience during your visit to the Al-Qudra Desert. Even professional cyclists love to ride bike cycles on dunes. Enjoy all leisure and adventures of riding a bike cycle in the Al Qudra Cycling Car Park. Do not get worried if you have not brought your cycle; rent a bike or cycle from Teck Bicycle Store.

7# Enjoy the finest cuisine:

You can enjoy a wide range of dining options in the Al-Qudra Desert. If you feel hungry after an all-day-long adventure, enjoy the finest cuisine here. From traditional Arabian cuisine to intercontinental cuisine, the taste of all dishes is just perfect. An excellent collection of fresh juices and drinks makes you feel hydrated. Even your kids can also enjoy finger-licking cuisine at the campsite.

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